Amanda Beth (all_4_him82) wrote in praisehisname,
Amanda Beth

Hi! I am new to the community! I love God with all of heart and soul. I just thought I'd share these few things with you all! I hope that some of you all will add me and we can become friends! :)

Prayer requests:

~Pray for the victims in Atlanta and the victims of the shooter that killed 7 and himself in the church.
~I start classes back tomorrow. I need help to get focused and help to get my grades up.
~I have been sick over the past week. I need prayers that I get better.
~That I can continue to have a wonderful relationship with God and others.

Praise report:
~I aced my mid-term in English.
~My car has been fixed (at a high cost, unfortunately), but my dad and I were not hurt in the minor
~My associate pastor's message today touched my heart, and I realize I need God in my life more than ever.s on here! :)
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